How to get that industrial look in your bedroom

One of the most enduring interior design trends of recent years is the industrial look. Many homeowners have used this type of décor to bring a touch of vintage style or modern industrial elegance into their houses. Both warmly inviting and strikingly different, adding a touch of the industrial theme to your own home is something to consider. One room which really lends itself to this kind of decoration is the bedroom. The most sensible place to begin any transformation here is the bed you use. If you get this right, you will be well on your way to getting the perfect feel in your bedroom to build from.
But what type of beds are best for getting the industrial look?

The Edward Iron Bed

To get an industrial look that is also ultra-stylish, iron beds are a great tip. Iron is the perfect material to use due to its sleek appearance and tactile nature. The Edward is a dorm-style bed which is suitably weighty and robust. A timeless look can be achieved with the Ivory finish or something more decadently Victorian can be done with the Iridescent Bronze finish. Whether you want something more refined or bold, this iron bedstead comes in a choice of sizes and can even be enjoyed as a day bed. When paired with the right bedroom furnishings, it is the ideal way to bring some industrial chic into your home.

The Lily Iron Bed

If you want the striking look iron beds to deliver but also love sweeping curves, why not try the Lily? This bedstead is effortlessly elegant in design and has gorgeous cast iron fittings to help it stand out. As you would expect, this bed is very sturdy and will last a lifetime. It is also very versatile and can be made to look as formal or informal as the room it is in demands. The choice of 10 powder-coated finishes helps with this versatility as does the fabulous tall tailboard. Available in a range of sizes, the Lily allows you to create an eye-catching industrialised theme in your home.

The Bronte Brass & Nickel Bed

Achieving that industrial look can be done with a variety of materials. As well as iron, brass and nickel beds capture the feel of this trend well. The Edwardian looking Bronte shows why with its Art Deco flair and contemporary curves. Although made from iron still for durability, the choice of 5 plated finishes adds a charm all of their own. Boasting a visually arresting geometric design, the Bronte is sure to add instant sophistication to any bedroom. Available in a choice of sizes up to Super King and guaranteed to last you a lifetime, this is a simple way to revamp your home's décor according to the industrial trend.

Get that industrial look with the right bed

There are many things to think about when trying to get that industrialised, Victorian look in your bedroom. From the wallpaper to the bedroom furniture you use, it is key to make everything work together as one whole design. Of course, the bed you choose will play a vital role in helping this to happen. For a true taste of industrial style and bold elegance, the above are hard to beat. Order online with the Wrought Iron & Brass Bed Co today or get in touch with any queries. From iron beds to iron and brass beds, we have what you need to completely transform your current boudoir.