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the family

Our Story So Far

In our early twenties Stephen’s job took us away from Norfolk, we then spent 23 years thinking of a way back.

Following a health scare with Stephen in 2004. We made the decision it was time to get off the urban roundabout, take action and move back to Norfolk. The opportunity came out of the blue and I believe everything happens for a reason.

Whilst furnishing our new house, I had ordered two new iron beds for our sons Jack and Harry. Needless to say, they were not great and I was left feeling underwhelmed and a sense of anti-climax, following the lovely descriptions on the companies website! Sitting down with a cup of tea and having lunch with Stephen, a random comment was made…. and that’s where our story begins!

The early days…

We first started in a small industrial unit, near Hunstanton, Norfolk. With only two designs… Sophie and Emily…  Following a small photoshoot (in the corner of this tiny unit) and a meeting in London. We started supplying one of the UK’s leading high street retailers.

Yet 2 years in and 6 days before Christmas, we opened an email to be informed, that our iron beds were no longer required!!! Over night all our lives changed… but taught us a very big lesson.

And so we started again!

Luckily we had something to fall back on! As we didn’t get it right every time! So we sold our seconds, from a “factory shop” set up in the front of our small unit! Word soon got around and customer feedback prompted new designs…

As word of mouth grew, we required to change tactic! so we said by to our little factory shop and opened our first “proper shop”, in the small village of Desingham! In a beautiful Victorian double fronted shop, with windows from floor to ceiling, located less than 5 minutes from the main gates of Sandringham House. Beautiful as it was, word of mouth kept growing and we started to advertise nationally! and the quality of our beds started to grow nationwide! But there was only space for one desk… and with our two sons coming to join us, it was time to move!

here we are today!

After a short pit stop in a small village called Harpley, we are now nestled in the Old Social Club and Village Hall to the village of Shernborne! … In a beautiful building steeped in history! Both son’s are now full time, with Jack (our eldest) heading up Production and Harry (our youngest) looking after our marketing!

We all meet on a Tuesday morning and have a weekly catch up (discussion of work, outside of work, is not allowed!) and the dogs come with us too! If you have being following us since the start, you may remember our 3 late dogs! But now we have Willow a 7 year old Black Labrador (whom we rescued 2 years ago) and the latest edition Nora, who is a Dogue De Bordeaux (a Turner & Hooch dog) and was born December 2015.

I’m proud of what we have achieved…

When I look back at the journey we have had, it make’s me incredibly proud of my family! It’s not been an easy (with the recession hitting us hard), but we stood by each other and stood by what we believed in… a company that supplies high quality beds, that will stand the test of time and stands alone from the “corporate” big boys… and I wouldn’t change it for the world.