It may seem like we are being greedy, by doing all our own deliveries! But the main reason is to ensure your bed arrives safely, ready for you to have sweet dreams in…. it also means we can take your bed into the room where it’s required (normally a bedroom) and it also means, we can offer assembly too!

If you have any questions regarding delivery, please visit the frequently asked questions below… or call our showroom on 01485 542516

Yes we do! 

Our delivery charges are as follows:

England (excluding Cornwall, Devon, Northumberland & Cumbria) – £50.00

Northumberland,Cumbria, Devon, Cornwall, Scotland & Wales – £95.00

Overseas – Please contact us for a quote.

Delivery from time of order can vary and we also require confirmation of your order, before your bed is placed into production, however rough rule of thumb is –

Iron Beds – 4 to 6 weeks

Iron & Brass Beds – 4 to 6 weeks (Elizabeth & George 8 – 10 weeks)

Brass & Nickel Beds – 8 to 10 weeks

Industrial Chic Beds – 6 to 8 weeks

Iron & Upholstered Beds – Please call or e-mail for more details


Our assembly service costs £50.00! But it is a stress free way, of ensuring your delivery day is easy breezy! Just select the assembly option, when purchasing your bed.

Sadly No! 

Unfortunately we are unable to remove your old bed and mattress, plus your room must be clear of any obstructions for us to deliver!

We will however, help you move it to a convenient location in your house, in aid for your local council or charity to collect!

Whether you have pre-booked your delivery date or not! We will e-mail you roughly two weeks prior to your delivery date.

We do require a confirmation e-mail to state you can take delivery. If we do not receive an e-mail from you 7 days prior to delivery date, we will have to remove you from the schedule.

Sadly No!

Unfortunately we are unable to offer, a reminder service this time of year!

However, our delivery driver will call you on the number provided with your order, when they are roughly 30 minutes away.


If you can not be home to take delivery, then a friend or family member can. We must however deliver to the delivery address, given on your order AND we must receive an e-mail regarding the person thing delivery, at least 48 hours prior to our driver arriving.


In order to answer your question, you will need to call our showroom on 01485 542516

Why not add on assembly!

It’s quite easy to assemble our beds!

But it’s much easier to let our delivery drivers do it for you!

Why not check out our assembly video and if you don’t fancy having a go, just select the assembly option when building your bed.