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With over a decade of experience, our range of beds will exceed your individual style and expectations. As our beds are hand made in Norfolk, we can offer a level of bespoking that no others can! Meaning you bed is made just for you… to read more about the different options available please click here and if you have any questions no matter how big or small, you can always call us contact us by phone, email or popping into our royally located showroom.

About Our Range of Beds

With over 10 years in manufacturing and retailing we appreciate that everybody has their own individual taste and style. That is why we offer a wide range of designs and finishes on all our wonderfully hand crafted iron beds, all made to our high standards in quality and to mark this level of quality, each bed is stamped with our mark of approval.

As we offer such an extensive guarantee, the raw materials we use must be of the highest of quality, to with stand our manufacturing technique. Nearly all our raw materials are sourced from within Great Britain, meaning we have a greater control over the over all quality of our products.

As we make all our beds, we can offer a level of customisation that can not be matched by other bed companies. Our goal is simple, we want to make a bed perfect for you, if our website does not offer the right “configuration’ of bed, that does not mean we can’t do it. If you have any questions please call our showroom on 01485 542516, where we will be happy to help and answer any questions you may have.

Our stamp of approval. Located on each bed, this marks our standard of quality.