Working Towards a Sustainable Future

Here at the Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Company, we are committed to a sustainable and brighter future. Through our sustainability policy, we can ensure that our environmental impacts are managed responsibly.

We’ve made some big changes over the last few years, in working towards a brighter and sustainable future. From renewable energy sources, to sourcing our bed slats from FSC certified company’s. A sustainable future, has been at the heart of our family business, since we started back in 2003.

This year we’re proud to say, that by investing in carbon standard approved projects. We have become the first UK iron bed manufacturer, to be certified as carbon neutral. Which is a great milestone, in our efforts to being a low-carbon sustainable business.

We power our workshop, with 100% renewable energy.

We offer our customers, the opportunity to support. The “Plant a Tree – Protect a Tree”, carbon standard verified projects.

Our bed slats are sourced from, an FSC certified company.

But, we see offsetting our carbon footprint, as a temporary solution. Which is why over the next year or two, we’re working to reduce our carbon footprint by;

The inclusion of hybrid vehicles.

Streamlining our production, in order to reduce carbon emissions.

Switch our showroom energy supply, to renewable energy sources.

Implement an Environmental Management System

We’ve also taken great steps over the past year, in the management of single use plastics. Working with our mattress’s suppliers, such as Hypnos and Vispring. We’re able to return used plastic mattress bags, for them to be disposed of or recycled responsibly. We’ve started to phase out single use plastic and introduce new methods of packaging. Which can be reused, recycled and is manufactured sustainably.

In addition, we’ve expanded our environmental responsibility, beyond that of single use plastic and carbon emissions. By giving our waste management an overhaul, ensuring all waste is dealt with responsibly.

We’re also introducing a new checkout option. Allowing customers to support “Plant a Tree – Protect a Tree”, a verified carbon standard project. Which funds tree planting, in schools across the United Kingdom. Helping to preserve the UK’s environment and provide education for children, on how we can work towards a sustainable future.

With all our beds guaranteed to last a lifetime (which means no landfill, just loving homes). We’re working hard on creating ,a sustainable future for them and the next generation.

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