Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a new bed can be quiet a tiring exercises, one that may make you need a lay down!

So hopefully the answers to these frequently asked questions, will take the stress out of your experience with us! But if by the end, you still feel the need for a lay down, then please call us on 01485 542516 and hopefully we can make things a little easier!!

Bed Questions

All our beds come with a “lifetime guarantee”, as long as you keep all your paperwork.

The quality and durability of our beds, is something we have pride ourselves on since day one. All our beds are made here in Norfolk, England, meaning we don’t have to skimp on the good stuff, making them super tough and built to last a lifetime.

The lifetime guarantee only applies to the iron work on your bed and does not cover against, accidental damage, misuse or general wear and tear.

If for some reason you feel there is a fault with your bed, then please get in touch with us on 01485 542516. Where one of our team, shall be able to assist you further and will be happy to refund, repair and replace your item depending on the fault.

We will always try and deliver your bed as soon as possible, however as a rough guide our lead times are;

Iron Beds – up to 6 weeks

Brass Beds – up to 8 weeks

Nickel Beds – up to 10 weeks

Copper Beds – up yo 10 weeks

If you are on a tight turn around or need your bed sooner, than indicated. Please call our showroom on 01485 542516 and we shall see what we can do.

*turnaround time is from date of confirming your order via e-mail.

Only if you have a mouse!!

No our beds don’t squeak… Majority of our beds are welded together, which means there are no parts to make a squeak. However, some of our beds do require a little bolting inside, which may at times creak!

You sure can!

Just let us know via e-mail or give us a call on 01485 542516. With the size and style you like, then we will calculate the cost.

Don’t worry! Our beds are designed to be slightly legless!!

As our beds are built to last a lifetime, we put all our effort into quality, strength and durability, that’s why we don’t require a 5th leg.

Finials are a fancy term, for the nice bit that sits on top of the legs!! We offer a selection of finials depending on your chosen style, which can be changed at a later date, to give your bed a new look!

These are rails that go down the side of your bed, which support our “Chunky Slats” or bed base of your choice and your mattress sits on top of.

We only want your chin to hit the floor, at the quality and charm of our beds!!

That’s why all our beds come with a pine-slatted base as standard, or as we like to refer to them as “Chunky Slats”. With a width of 5” girth and a depth just shy of an 1″ you won’t be disappointed!!

However, if you’re after a little more height or an extra bounce at bedtime, then we do offer bed base alternatives, that can be added at an additional cost!

The distance between the floor and side rail is 13”.  This is standard on all our beds, however can be altered if you wish. If you would like to discuss alterations, to the height of your side rails. Please call our showroom on 01485 542516.

You can indeed and rough rule of thumb, is £85 per change.

As all our beds are hand made to order in Norfolk, England, we can offer a variety of bespoke changes. We’ll do everything we can, but all bespoke changes will add to the cost and delivery time – please feel free to give us a call, to speak about your potential bespoke alterations.

No matter how small the reason, we are there for you.

As long as you call us within 7 days after delivery, we can offer an alternative or discuss the return and refund options with you. But if you have had a bespoke alteration made, we sadly can’t accept this bed back or offer any refund.

Mattress & Bed Base Questions

Sadly we don’t!!

But they are made by another, family company in Yorkshire, who we have worked along side for many years.

When it comes to our mattresses and bed bases, we are very much like seafood… Shellfish!! Sadly the only place to try them out is in our showroom. However, we are happy to discuss our range of mattresses and bed bases with you, just simply drop us a call.

Sadly due to restrictions our end, we can only accept a mattress back if it is still within the bag and hasn’t been slept on! But if you are unhappy, please drop us a call where we can discuss your situation.

Our mattresses and bed bases are all covered by a warranty / guarantee which covers against material failure or faulty workmanship;

Bed Bases– 5 Year sliding warranty (after the first year a percentage based contribution is required)

Everyday Mattresses – 10 Year sliding warranty (after the first year a percentage based contribution is required)

Hypnos Mattresses – 10 Year full manufacturers warranty

Vispring Mattresses – 30 Year full manufacturers guarantee

Delivery & Service Questions

Yes and No!

Assembly is included on the following ranges;

This means, the drivers shall take your bed into the required room, assemble it for you and remove all the packaging.

Assembly can be added on to those, where it is not included as standard for £50

England (Excluding Cornwall, Devon, Cumbria, Northumberland, Isle of Wight) – £50

Scotland, Wales, Somerset, Cornwall, Devon, Cumbria, Northumberland – £95

Overseas and Isle of Weight – Please e-mail us at with your full address, so we can get a price for you.

Sadly at this time we don’t deliver at the weekends. But we shall e-mail you within 2 weeks of your provisional week of delivery and let you know when to pop the kettle on.

Yes we do! However a third party company handles this. If you would like to discuss, having one of our beds shipped to you, please get in touch and we shall be happy to assists.

Please Note: Export order lead times vary from our standard turnaround times and your delivery date is only estimated and may differ. Lifetime Guarantee void on beds which are not delivered by our delivery team.

Yes we do. Delivery to the Isle of Wight is £195.

Lead time for to the Isle of Wight may vary from our standard turnaround time and will be confirmed either by email or telephone once we have received your order. or please feel free to call our showroom on 01485 542516 and we can give you a rough indication.

No worries, we can store your bed for free! And when you are ready, let us know with at least 3 weeks warning.

Payment Methods

We accept all major credit cards (excluding American Express)

We also offer 0% Interest Free Finance.

Which ever is better for you.

Our deposit option is 50% of the total order value and the remaining balance, will be collected when we contact you to arrange delivery.

If you placed a deposit for your order, the remaining balance shall be collected, when we contact you to arrange delivery. If for any reason the balance is still outstanding 7 days before delivery, we will not be able to commence with your delivery.

General Questions

No sadly not. To keep our carbon footprint and paper consumption to a minimum, we try and go digital as much as we can.

At this time we only have one showroom, which is located in the small Norfolk town of Swaffham. But if you are coming to visit, let us know and we shall make sure to have the kettle on! And also be stocked up with cake and biscuits!

We sure do! We have delivered beds all over the world including Australia, Japan, USA, Peru… And our beds travel well.

For more details, please email with your address and details, so we can get a quote for you.