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Iron & Brass Beds

What could be more nostalgic, than climbing into a beautiful iron and brass bed? As a child, I remember climbing into bed, pulling the covers back and nestling down for the night. My feet warmed by my nana’s eiderdown and the bed warmed prior to my arrival.

Finished with authentic brass, our range of iron and brass beds, have been designed with nostalgia in mind. With a simple design, that reflects the original iron beds of years long gone, our iron beds will truly give you that feeling of climbing into a sumptuous bed.

All our Iron & Brass Beds come with assembly included, in the room of your choice and we shall even remove all the packaging.

About Our Iron & Brass Beds

Our range of Iron and Brass Beds, offering finishing hand craftsmanship, that surpass our full range of beds.

With each authentic brass fitting, hand crafted and formed in one way or another, this range of beds truly are lovingly hand crafted just for you… As these beds include decoration made from authentic brass… they will tarnish beautifully overtime! We can not say how long it shall take, or how the final result may look, but what we can say is that. Each of these beds do truly deserve our trademark stamp of approval.

However, if authentic brass is not what you are after in your bed frame, then we can offer some alternatives, that will achieve a similar look! To discuss these options, please call our showroom on 01485 542516 or email us at where we will be happy to help.

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