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Brass & Nickel Beds

From traditional Victorian to French Renaissance, our range of Brass and Nickel Beds, offer a collaboration of designs and styles, that will never fade with age.

All our Brass & Nickel Beds come with assembly included, in the room of your choice and we shall even remove all the packaging.


Rosie Brass King Size Bed

… Why not add and extra layer of opulence and comfort to your beautifully hand crafted bed?

Let one of our hand made Bed Bases give you, the perfect foundation for a good nights sleep!


All though the look must be right! The quality of a good night sleep is crucial … So! Why not let one of our hand crafted mattresses, offer the answer to the perfect nights sleep!

Natural Fibre Mattresses

About Our Brass & Nickel Beds

Our brass and nickel beds never fade, making them the perfect centrepiece for your bedroom. Their high gloss finish and sturdy design is timeless and will complete both modern and traditional rooms alike.

Our brass beds are absolutely divine and are sure to impress. By using wrought iron cores and brass plating, our beds come with the best of both worlds. We’ve put a lot of thought into our bed designs, so our brass beds perfectly balance beauty and functionality.

Our nickel designs are also breath-taking and their elegant designs are certain to be the perfect accent for your room. Bringing modern rustic design features to your bedroom, our nickel beds are the centrepiece you’ve been looking for. Our nickel and brass designs are available in a range of sizes and are fully handcrafted.

Made from wrought iron, and plated in either nickel or brass, you can be sure that your bed will stand the test of time and look opulent while doing it. All of our materials are sourced from Great Britain, because we know that local is best.

If you have your eye on one of our designs but think “it would be perfect if only it had…”, then look no further. We offer an unparalleled level of customisation because we handcraft our beds to order. We can offer a whole range of different options including colour changes, powered finishes and more.

If you have any questions about our range of hand crafted iron beds, call our showroom on 01485 542516 or email to