Bedding by Woolroom

Count sheep, in luxurious all natural comfort. Made from 100% British wool (traceable to farm) and finished in an organic 200 thread count cotton cover, create a natural sleep inducing cocoon with our range of bedding by Woolroom. Wool’s natural fibres, will regulate your body temperature and wick away moisture as you sleep. Creating a cosy, fresh, deep sleep sanctuary all night long.

Woolrooms Story

It all started with an idea, the idea of creating something different. A range off wool bedding, which promotes a healthy and luxuriously cosy sleep environment.

With their wool traceable to the farm and from sustainable sources, our friends at Woolroom have spent many years researching and working along side farms to create a luxurious bedtime retreat. With their extensive research proving wool bedding is resistant to house / dust mites, fungus, creating a luxurious hypoallergenic sleep environment.

Wools super soft natural fibres, make it the perfect bedding ingredient for a happier and healthier sleep. It soft natural fibres are great at wick moisture away from the body and leaving you feeling cool in the summer, but warm in the winter. Plus, with its over lapping scales, wools natural ability to repel dirt and dust, creates a healthier sleep inducing environment all night long.