International bed delivery world map

International Orders

We’ll get your bed delivered to you, no matter where you live!

Although our beds are handmade in Norfolk, we’re able to deliver them to a huge range of destinations worldwide (the map is just a few!!). Wherever you live, we’ll endeavour to reach you know no matter what your requirements may be.

We’re committed to delivering our hand crafted beds to those who need them.

If you’d like to know how much delivery would cost to your country, simply provide us with the following information and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible…

  1. Your full address
  2. The model of bed you’d like to order
  3. The size of the required bed
  4. Your preferred material and/or finish

Although it may seem like a lot of information, its completely necessary for us in order to provide an accurate price for your delivery.

Shipping depends on a wide range of factors including the destination, the size and also the weight.

If you’d like to find out more about our international delivery option, simply give us a call on +44 1485 542 516 and we can discuss the finances as well as answer any question you may have about our overseas delivery service.