Which Iron Beds Suit Rustic Decor?

Which Iron Beds Suit Rustic Decor?
Rustic decor is a style choice that will never be dated and has actually come back as one of the latest most popular interior design trends. The rustic interior design trend involves a lot of reclaimed wood, industrial iron beds, as well as table and chairs. If you are looking for a bed to suit your new rustic bedroom, we would highly recommend our Edward iron bed. Edward is the perfect design if you are looking for a subtle, uncomplicated iron bedstead. 

But what is rustic decor?
Rustic decor is often described as a design which is rugged but with a sense of natural beauty. The design choice embraces nature, natural textures, earthy colours and a sense of warmth and cosiness. 

Popular colour choices for rustic decor
Rustic decor tends to follow the natural colour scheme, soft neutral colours with bursts of earthy tones. Soft furnishings are a way to add in some pastel tones or patterns such as tartan.