Which Iron Beds Suit Modern Farmhouse?

Which Iron Beds Suit Modern Farmhouse?
Modern Farmhouse style is one of those styles that have to be done right, otherwise, you might end up with a cluttered home. If you are planning on redecorating your bedroom in a modern farmhouse style, make sure your focal point, i.e. the bed offers such a design. If this is the look you are hoping to achieve, we recommend our Beatrice iron and brass bed. Beatrice offers an authentic brass top line, grand bed posts and elegant hand spun brass finials. 

But what is modern farmhouse?
The modern farmhouse design takes a relaxed farmhouse style and adds a modern touch. The overall style is less rustic and a little bit more sophisticated. Introduce chic lighting, soft and neutral tones with the elegance of iron and brass features. 

Popular colour choices for modern farmhouse
Popular colour choices for the modern farmhouse design are soft cream, greys and the occasional green plants and flowers.