Which Iron Beds Suit Mid-Century Modern Decor?

Which Iron Beds Suit Mid-Century Modern Decor?
If you are looking for a new bedroom makeover but can’t decide which decor choice you want to go for. Why not consider the mid-century modern style and opt for our beautiful Nelson iron and brass bed. Our Nelson iron and brass bed is perfect as it encompassed a traditional design yet a strong and robust overall aesthetic. 

But what is mid-century modern decor?
Mid-century modern decor is a style choice that consists of clean lines, geometric shapes and furniture which include tapered legs to bring a more “lived-in” look. 

Popular colour choices for mid-century modern decor?
Colour choices for a mid-century modern decor would include the likes of; orange and browns, teal, browns and whites. Anything that incorporates vibrant and earthy tones is a winner.