Which Iron Beds Suit Country Chic?

Which Iron Beds Suit Country Chic?
Country Chic is a decor choice that you can either make or break. If you are looking to redecorate your bedroom to fit with this increasingly popular style, why not consider introducing our popular Grace iron bed. Grace offers that country chic style but in a brand new bed.. After all, you don’t want to add a really old bed in your room and have the worst nights sleep ever. 

But what is country chic?
Country chic is often referred to as shabby chic, however many would describe the two as separate styles. Nevertheless, country chic decor offers a relaxing, warm, upcycled and refurbished feeling. The old can be turned into the new, with that rustic edge, or new items can be bought to replicate that old and worn style. Country chic decor in bedrooms, living rooms and even kitchens has been more and more popular over the years with people craving that country edge style in their homes. 

Popular colour choices for country chic

Country chic often has its “set” colour scheme to really achieve an authentic look. Think of pale, neutral colours with the odd burst of brightness around the room. If you decide to have a cream iron bed, go for pastel or neutral walls with a burst of colour throughout your bedding and soft furnishings.