Which Iron Beds Suit Contemporary Chic?

Which Iron Beds Suit Contemporary Chic? 

Contemporary chic is often thought of as simple with those striking centrepieces. If you are refurbishing your bedroom and are trying to achieve the perfect contemporary chic design why not introduce a brass and nickel bed alongside white and black prints in black frames. Black iron bedside tables will ensure your brass and nickel bed stands out and becomes the focal point of any room. Our Emily brass and nickel bed is the perfect option for this particular style. 

But what is contemporary chic?

Contemporary chic is essentially a revamp of the classic style. A modern approach to classic styling including fabrics and accessories is what ensures that sophisticated luxury feel. This particular decor style is very easy to achieve in your bedroom as long as you stick to classic patterns, clean lines and neutral tones. Mirrored furniture is also a must if you are trying to achieve that contemporary chic style, mixed in with some bold frames and prints on the wall, you’re bedroom will become the epitome of class in no time. 

Popular colour choices for contemporary chic

The perfect colour scheme for a contemporary chic bedroom includes the following; neutral pallets such as grey, beige, off white and black, all of which ensure that sophisticated look. Glossy finishes and iron and brass metals are also a must. For your finishing touches and soft furnishings perhaps velvet, satin or faux fur textures.. The room will have quite a cold feeling (which is good), but for comfort you might want to add in some warmer textures.