In Loving Memory


2003 – 2015

It is with deep regret to inform you all, that last week we had to say goodbye to George our boxer.

Many of you may recognise George from our national advertising campaign and others may recognise him from visiting our showroom.

We rescued George from Battersea Dogs and Cats home in March 2005, after his current owners handed him in, as they were unable to give him the attention and time he required. We came to hear about George through a friend, who worked for Boxer rescue. After several exchanges of e-mails, Amanda had the opportunity to meet George (then named Simba), it was love at first sight and when he weed on her foot, she knew he wanted to come home with her!!

It took George a while to settle in and get use to his new routine, along with getting use to the feeling of love and security, but our two Labradors Rosie and Elsa helped out and took him under their wing…… it wasn’t long before George decided he was a Labrador!!

Over the years George became very fond of his tennis balls, so much so his party trick was to carry 3 in his mouth at one time…. However, with his strong jaw, there was only one brand he was unable to pop… Wilson… so the tennis balls started to be called “Wilson” and up until the last moment, Wilson was by his side! However, there was also a love for Jack’s Gilbert rugby balls!!

At this moment in time, there is a great sense of sadness and of him not being here. however as our extended family, we thought you should know.