A luxurious bedtime sanctuary. Handmade in Plymouth with a total of 2241 pocket springs in a king size model and lavishly upholstered with comforting natural fibres, the Vispring Tiara Superb mattress offers deep and exceptional support all night long.

Please note – Dual tension is only available on Kingsize, Superking and Zipped and Link mattresses.

With their ability to help regulate body temperature as you sleep and wick away moisture all night long, natural fibres are an essential part of a sleep inducing cocoon. Upholstered with Shetland wool, cotton and hand teased horsetail, the Vispring Tiara Superb creates a cosy, fresh and breathable sleep sanctuary.

Boasting two layers of hand-nested calico pockets in a honeycomb formation, the Vispring Tiara Superb offers enhanced support for your entire body. Available in a choice of spring tensions, this nested support system is enveloped by the natural fillings; helping to create a comforting and sleep inducing bedtime.

  • Mattress Turn: Rotate and turn with the seasons.
  • Spring Type: Dual layer hand-nested calico pocket springs
  • Spring Count: 2,242 (based on Kingsize)
  • County of Origin: Devon
  • Depth: 21cm
  • Filling: Blended real Shetland wool and cotton, hand-teased horsetail blended with real Shetland wool, blended real Shetland wool and cotton.
  • Tick Composition: Chemical-free 100% Cotton Viscose
  • Tuft Type: Hand-tied woollen tufts and twine.

We recommend you turn your Vispring Tiara Superb with the seasons. Vispring Care Document supplied with mattress.

We recommend protecting your Vispring mattress, with a good quality and natural mattress protector.

If your Tiara Superb appears to be shorter than expected, do not be alarmed. Unlike other pocket sprung systems, Vispring pocketed springing is not constrained by rods, wire clips or glue and therefore tends to contract in transit. Once in use, however, it will gradually return to its correct size.

To clean your mattress using a soft brush and clean up any spillages immediately, by using a clean absorbent cloth.


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