*Images Based On Our Rosie Double Brass & Nickel Bed

Our small double Rosie brass and nickel bed is named in honour of our beautiful late black Labrador. Rosie was our son Harry’s 12th birthday present and taught our family more than we could ever teach her. Rosie was once described as being bold as brass, so it only seemed right to name our bold as brass bedstead after our late dog.

Our Rosie, brass and nickel bed is made from an iron core, which is then plated in a brass finish. This particular bed offers the refinement and opulence of a brass bedstead without the upkeep!! Meaning that Rosie shall always be “bold as brass” and never falter.

If this isn’t the brass and nickel bed you are looking for, why not take a look at all of our beautiful four foot/small double iron, brass and nickel beds today.

The height of the headboard and tailboard are:
Headboard: 50″
Tailboard: 40″