Layered with naturally soft and breathable layers of alpaca, wool, cotton and Solotex™. Experience total spinal and body support, with this ReActive™ pocket spring system. Working independently to sense your shape, feel support in all the right places. Covered with a cocona-infused Belgian damask, sleep soundly on a soft, fresh and hygienic sleeping surface.

Experience an extra-supportive firmer feel to your Hypnos mattress, with our hard top unsprung bed base.

  • Mattress Turn: Rotate and turn head to toe regularly
  • Mattress Type: Pocket Sprung
  • County of Origin: Hampshire
  • Depth: 29cm
  • Filling: Wool, Cotton, Alpaca, Solotex™
  • Tick Composition: Cocona-infused Belgian damask
  • Tuft Type: Woollen


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