*Images Based On Our Beatrice Double Iron & Brass Bed

If you are looking for a beautiful, elegant and victorian style single bed then look no further. Our Beatrice iron and brass beds were inspired by two very old yet stunning iron beds, these beds were brought to our attention when a chap turned up one day in need of some TLC and refurbishment, of course we were honoured and glad to provide our expertise in iron beds.

The Beatrice iron and brass bed was designed in respect of these two tired-looking beds, that surprisingly were stored in an old shepherd’s cottage near Sandringham, making it fitting to name after royalty. However, if you don’t think our Beatrice Iron & Brass Bed is for you, why not take a look at our full range of beautiful single iron, brass and nickel beds.

The height of the headboard and tailboard are:
Headboard: 49″
Tailboard: 42″