*Images Based On Our Arthur Double Nickel Bed

If you’re looking for a stylish Victorian bed design, then our Arthur single nickel bed could be the perfect fit for your bedroom.  Our Arthur beds are beautifully crafted from an iron core and can be plated in a range of beautiful finishes such as brushed steel, satin brass and many more. Our Arthur beds are named after one of our favourite jokes from Amanda: “Who’s Arthur? I hope he doesn’t do Arthur job”, yes we don’t’ get it either.

Our Arthur single bed is just one of many beautifully designed beds that we have in our nickel bed collection. The Arthur collection really tested our master craftsmen as they are beautifully detailed with hand sand-cast iron feet, hand spun finishings and finials. These brass and nickel beds are perfect for those looking for a traditional heritage Victorian iron bed with the opportunity to add a stylish contemporary twist.

With such a stunning nickel bedstead, this single Arthur bed will always live up to a royal reputation. Want to discover more of our beautifully crafted beds? Then take a look at our fabulous iron beds that we have available here at Wrought Iron & Brass Bed Co. Alternatively, why not take a look at, our full range of beautiful single iron, brass and nickel beds.