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Find the perfect Mattress for you, from our range!

There are many things to consider, when try to achieve a good nights sleep… a beautiful hand crafted Iron, Brass or Nickel bed… the temperature of the room… remembering not to eat cheese before bed (although not scientifically proven, we believe its true)… and of course the perfect mattress… The mattress is probably to key ingredient, into a good nights sleep…

All our mattresses are made in England and come with a 5 year warranty! But don’t let the price make you think, we have cut back on the quality… It’s quiet the opposite… We can simply offer these prices, as we do not have to worry about import duties, large overheads of a department store and shipping costs.

To discuss available options please call our showroom 01485 542516, where we shall be able to talk you through the different options.

A New Generation of Natural Fibre Mattresses….

We are very proud to be launching our new range of “own labelled” natural fibre mattresses, onto our website from The Old English Bed Company. A family company with over 150 years manufacturing experience, of hand crafted pocket sprung mattresses, made to the highest calibre, using traditional methods and techniques.

Our new collection offers a range of natural fibres including, Cotton, Wool, Silk and Cashmere, hand stitched sides, hand made wool tufts and a specification ranging from 1400 to 1800 springs!

These mattresses are our Wool Luxury Pocket Sprung Mattress, Cashmere Pocket Sprung Mattress, Natural Pillow Top Mattress and our Natural Luxury Mattress.

Did You Know? … Cotton is a non-allergenic natural fibre… meaning it does not irritate sensitive skin! and due to it’s strength, it is ideal for medical and personal hygiene products!!! Similar to Wool, Cotton is an excellent conductor of heat, meaning it can draw heat away from the body! Keeping you cool in summer! and the Wool keeping you warm in winter!… You can find both Cotton and Wool, plus Silk and Cashmere, in our Natural Luxury Mattress.