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Mattresses & Bed Bases

A lot of people may underestimate the power of a good night sleep and choosing a mattress can be a minefield since the process is very personal. So, we have formed our overviews based on our customers experience and our very own. Whether you are looking for an everyday pocket sprung mattress, or looking to treat yourself to one of our wonderful Hypnos mattresses, we’re confident that we have the mattress to suit you and your sleeping style, whatever position you sleep in!

Bed Bases & Trundles

Although our beds come with a slatted base as standard. Our range of un-sprung and sprung bed bases offer an extra touch of support, letting your mattress give you that much needed comfort.

natural fibre luxury mattress

Everyday Mattresses

Containing luxurious natural fibres such as Lambs Wool, Cashmere, Cotton and Bamboo. Our range of open and coil and Vinadium pocket sprung natural fibre mattresses, offer that well needed support and a lot of well deserved comfort.

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Hypnos Mattresses

Hand crafting mattresses for over 100 years and a worldwide reputation, for the most comfortable beds in the worlds. Our range of Hypnos mattresses have been chosen, for their optimum comfort, support, natural fibres and commitment to the environment.

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Luxury Horsehair Mattresses

Hand crafted in Yorkshire, our range of luxury mattresses bring a level of high-end indulgence with natural fibres, such as Horsehair, Peruvian Alpaca and British Wool.

Zip and Link Mattresses

Optimise spare room sleeping arrangements, with our zip and link mattresses and easily convert, two singled beds into a giant Super King. Giving you multiple sleeping options, for when your guests come to stay.

Bespoke Mattresses

With all our mattresses hand crafted in England, we are pleased to offer bespoke sizes on our wide range of comforting and supportive pocket sprung mattresses. For more details and pricing on our bespoke service, please call our showroom on 01485 542516.

About our Range of Mattresses and Bed Bases

With all our mattresses available in single, four foot, double, kingsize and superking, we’re sure you will find a mattress to suit you and if you are feeling a little self-indulgent, why not consider our range of luxury pocket sprung mattresses? We really do have a mattress for everyone.

To find out more about mattresses and how they can improve your sleep give us a call at our showroom on 01485 542516 and our bed experts will talk you through the quality of our mattresses and even the bed abses available.

We’re firm believers in the idea that everyone should be getting a great night’s sleep and this doesn’t happen by chance, you need a comfortable mattress and suitable bedding to guarantee a good sleep and here at the Wrought Iron & Brass Bed Company, we’re here to help.