Creating the dream bedroom… Size Matters!

Size Matters…

Creating the dream bedroom, can sometimes be an exciting yet daunting task! … Decisions Decisions … Did you know that the average person, makes roughly 35,000 decisions a day! So no wonder, we can sometimes feel lost or on overloud, when it comes to changing our humble bedroom! But when broken down into bite size steps, it can be a very simple, enjoyable and fulfilling process! Split over 4 blogs…. We will be offering a guide, how to create the dream bedroom!

There can be many reasons to, changing your bedroom, but normally it revolves around a bigger bed! As there is only so much midnight wrestling, for the duvet one can take! Although I cannot guarantee, a bigger bed will resolve this common global problem. It will at least help you gain more space and create your own little sleep time nest!

4 poster iron bed in ivory

But how do you know, a bigger bed will fit? … Simple… Map it out and have a shuffle! On a Sunday morning, once you have finished that cup of tea in bed and the day’s newspaper… pull out some pages! And use this to increase the floor area of your current bed, to the new size you are thinking of! This will allow you to not only see, the extra space you will gain in bed, but also move furniture around and gain an appreciation for the ergonomics of your new layout!

If you have built in wardrobes, or heavy chest of draws, that you don’t feel like battling with. Open the doors and make sure, when full extend with you standing in front, the back of your feet are not touching the newspaper! If this happens, you may need to re-think the lay out of your room, or the concept of going bigger!

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