Creating the dream bedroom… Make a Statement!

Make a Statement…

A bedroom should be a room of calmness and tranquillity! This means no clutter and additional furnishings, such as chest of draws, chair etc to a minimum. But with minimal furniture, you will require a statement item to hold the room! In the bedroom… the clue is in the title! The bed… create a focal point in your room, with your new bed! Dress it up or dress it down… but remember, keep you and keep it inviting.

A great way to achieve a bed, that pulls in the eye, is to reduce that around it, that may cause distraction! When you look at a cake in a shop window, you barely notice the stand it is presented on! So make sure that you can see the floor under your bed… This will frame your bed wonderfully, making it the centre of attention and also make your room look bigger! Too much bulging out from underneath, will just look imposing and unsightly.

Anne Iron and Upholstered Bed Headboard in Linwood fabric
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