It seem’s all so long ago when our ‘Bee’ friendly summer garden, featured in the Lynn News …. we couldn’t have done it though, without our friends at Del’s Nursery

Bee-friendly garden opens at Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Company’s base at Harpley..

The Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Company has opened a wildlife garden at its Harpley base to create a colourful backdrop for its garden products while also creating a beneficial environment for bees.

Harry Oldfield, of the family-run business said: ”It’s been highlighted lately that our native bumblebee is having a rough time of it, with wild flowers being reduced in numbers. 
So what better way to support our buzzing neighbour than with an English meadow-inspired garden, with a variety of shapes, sizes and colours to attract the honey-making friend. It’s been amazing to see the increase in bees visiting our garden and watch them work their magic.”

He said several people had attended the recent official opening of the bee-friendly garden and were asking what they could do at home themselves to help bee conservation.
Just as the Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Company, has given a helping hand to the bees, Harry said the business had also received support from another firm: “We couldn’t have done this, without the help of the team at Dels Nursery, Fakenham, I went along with the basic idea of having a bee-friendly garden, and the team were happy to help, offering advice and recommendations.
“Not only does this country garden offer a free lunch for the bees, but it also offers a great backdrop and setting for the company’s wrought iron garden benches reclaimed from the London tips.”
Due to health and safety regulations, traditional London park benches were replaced with ones that had to be bolted to the ground and the Harpley firm was able to step in and give the old ones a new lease of life.
For more information, visit the company’s website on or you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.
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