Somewhere Beyond the Sea…..

Somewhere Beyond the Sea…… 

I always remember taking my first paddle in the North Sea, of the coast of North Norfolk. The water was not clear blue, but a dirty dishwater colour; it was cold and my toes went numb very quickly…. But I loved it.

The idea of being by the sea, paddling on white sands, the calming background noise of the waves lapping onto the beach, the pastel colours of beach huts dotted along the promenade and the temptation of ice cream huts, can ring in the imagination of almost everyone.

So to create a piece of this imagination at home, through interior design, seems to be a popular trend through many avenues, it can be ultra modern or calm and tranquil.

But is there more to it?

Colour psychologists suggest, colours play a vital role in the balance between mind, body and emotion. Maybe the driving force behind a nautical themed room, is not the memory of ice cream huts, but the physical impact the key colours play on our self-being!!!

Blue representing intellect, trust and calm; with White representing cleanliness, purity and sophistication.

Sounds like a good reason to go nautical if you ask me!

Even before reading about colour psychology, we had created a nautical backdrop to our Bronte

bedstead; during a photo-shoot last spring. Accessorising white walls and bedding, with shades of blue through soft furnishing and accessorise.

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Being nickel-plated the Bronte also helps create, light within the room, reflecting both natural and artificial lighting; helping illuminate the space, and offering warmth.

According to colour psychologists, variety of shades is also important in stimulating the mind. For example, dark blues help clear thought, where as light blues have a more calming property, which helps aid concentration.  
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So how to gain a variety of shades, in a small space, and not over crowd with colour? …. 
accessorise, accessorise.

But is nautical just White and Blue?

When visiting the seaside, we’re bombarded by colour, the pastels of the beach huts, the green sea grass growing in the sand dunes,; and the yellow of the ice cream cone, you wish you hadn’t had the second helping of.

As colour psychologists suggest, colours and their variety of shades, play a key role in determines our overall mood.

So what do the colour of the beach huts mean?

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Yellow –  plays a large role, in stimulating our emotional state, the right balance of Yellow can help stimulate our self-esteem and our spirits.

Pink – represents femininity and can be seen as nurturing and soothing.

Green – offers balance, and therefore a restful colour.
Purple – Raises awareness and is a spiritual colour, as encourages deep contemplation and meditation.
Grace Bedstead, Cream with Self-colour finials  
So how to incorporate the beach hut colours in a beach style…. Again simple, accessorise, accessorise..
When dressing Grace for our photo-shoot, we wanted to use this candy cane bedding, as the variety of colours and tones; helps lift the colour of the bedstead, against the white walls. Accessorised with sea side features, will really help give colour to the nautical theme. Along with helping offer other, qualities to the colour psychology of your bedroom. 
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Bed similar to Oliver from:
Block colour is also a good way to achieve this look, if finding multi-tonal accessories proves difficult. And why not break the mould, and add colour through your bed itself, a feature soon coming to the Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Company.
So visit our website and take a look, at what beds you could use to create that body, mind and emotion inspired nautical them; and for more information on colour psychology, visit