It’s time to ‘Bee’ friendly

Its time toBeefriendly

Picnic in the park, eating a jam sandwich and being attacked by a buzzing friend…. Ring any bells? 

Although I have a very vivid memory of my first Bee sting, I have to admit it was my fault. 
I was 6 and eating a strawberry jam sandwich (without the crusts), and being pestered by a yellow and black buzzing bee. What happened next, you’d probably only imagine in a comedy show….. the sandwich went over one shoulder, the left foot kicked over my squash, the right hand was flapping, and I don’t think running across the park screaming was a good idea either…..
But Bumblebees are in trouble, wild flowers and flower meadows have been disappearing from our countryside; which means less food for bumblebees…. and also less food for us. So I think something should be done!

A Bumble Bees life for me…

Bumble Bees live in family groups, ruled by the queen, and helped by her daughters….. the Worker Bees. A Bee family is called a Hive, and each Hive can have up to 30,000 family members.
During winter the Bees mainly sleep, and tidy their Hive; then in spring go on the hunt for flowers and pollen, to make Honey; which is one of the Bees main food source.
But whilst collecting the pollen, Bees also help fertilize new flowers, helping new flowers grow.
But due to the decline in wild meadows, and the countryside; the bees are struggling to find food, but also pollinate new flowers to grow.

So how did we help?

Simple…. We built a ‘Bee’-friendly garden, behind a showroom.


Originally just a walled gravel pit, with a few Wrought Iron bench ends, propped up against the wall. This area is now a walled gravel area, with decking, planters, and a whole range of English flowers, that are the Bees favourite for a free lunch.

And its reception from our buzzing friend, has been a great achievement; and even when planting, they were coming for a peep.

Admire the buzzingness!! 

Red Wrought Iron Bench
But not only did we do it for the Bees, but we also did it for us. As this has now created a great area, to venture out at lunchtime and enjoy our jam sandwiches.
However, not only does our Garden create a space for everyone to enjoy lunch, whether it ‘bee’ a flower or a strawberry jam sandwich. But also creates the perfect backdrop for our reclaimed London Wrought Iron bench ends.
Blue Wrought Iron Chair
Sadly when health and safety swung into action, it was decided that London Park benches, must be anchored some how to the ground. Which meant that these fabulous London Wrought Iron bench ends, where no longer required; and therefor went for scrap.
Being in the right place at the right time, meant we we’re able to rescue them, have them powder coated, and now they make great benches, to admire our garden and the Bees hard at work.

How can you help?

There are lots of ways to help. Weather you have a big garden or just a balcony; just planting some of the Bees favorite mealtime snacks will help.
Can you spot our friend at lunch?
And its easy to do, and not expensive. If you’re pushed for space, why not have a few small pots with wild sees in! Or if you have the space, why not try some compliment planting, it helps the Bees, and really helps fruit yields on trees and plants.
So why not lend a helping hand, they’re not that bad after all; and you’d be surprised how much we rely on our buzzing friend.

For more information about how you can ‘bee’-friendly visit;

We’d like to say a HUGE thank you, to Del’s Nursery, Fakenham. Who supplied us with all our ‘Bee’ friendly flowers.