It’ll Be ‘All White’…. on the night!

It’ll be ‘All White’….. On the night!!!

Last week in ‘Somewhere Beyond the Sea…’ we discovered, through colour psychologists that white, is a colour that helps create reflection. It also helps to reflect light within the room, helping turn even the most North facing rooms, into a bright heaven.

But isn’t White a little sterile?

Some may say that the colour White can be very sterile and clinical. But it doesn’t have to be. The colour white helps reflect other colours, for example; place a buttercup, against a white piece of paper, and the white reflects shall reflect a tone of yellow.

Which is a principle that can be applied, through decorating and accessorizing; and as I always say illuminate…
White is also a great colour to use, if you keep changing your mind as to your favourite interior design styles…. as you just add colour through accessories.

But How?

Bronte Double, Nickel
My favourite colour is blue, and all shades of blue are appreciated. But my favourite has to be duck egg; it’s easy to accessorize with, and can be pretty easy to find colour matches.

I know I’ve used this image before, but my love for the colour is the background to this image.

The white wash walls and bedding, help to bring a focus to the duck egg; and with the white taking on a reflection of blue, helps soften the edges.

Or, why not use white to blend multi tones? As it helps take on the colours around, blend edges of multi tones or colours.
Sophie Double, Black
For example, Grey is a really in colour at the moment, but find similar shades can be tricky; as the Grey colour pallet is so diverse. 
But also grey can be seen by some, as a harsh, industrial colour; but blended with the white helps soften tones and blend edges.
But White can also be a good canvas….to be bold and daring….. check out some of these ideas……
Photo Courtesy

Maybe mix and match with a varied colour choice?

Photo Courtesy

Or be creative with multi tones….


Victoria Double, Black and Brass
Illumination doesn’t just have to come from lighting, but can also be discovered in reflections from objects. 
Brass and Nickle objects really help to reflect light within the room, and with White being a great reflector, its double illumination time…..

So inspired for it to be ‘All White’….on the night?

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