Get the Festival Look… Indoors!

Get the festival look…Indoors!

Well the summer festival season is well and truly underway, with the pinnacle next weekend… Glastonbury!

And I have to admit, there is nothing like the atmosphere at a summer music festival; listening to music, enjoying the typical British weather, drinking out of plastic cups and eating summer grub….


So I thought it would be interesting this week, to see if we can get the ‘festival look’ inside???
According to Glamour Magazine, the top 5 ‘festival looks’ this year are;
1) Denim Playsuits
2) Studded Leather
3) Dip Dye
4) Star Patterns
5) Fringed Backpacks


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There are so many ways to incorporate this 18thcentury, gold rush worker fabric, into our bedroom.

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One really cool way, and surprisingly comfortable… as I’ve already done it at home! Is denim bedding! Now we’re pretty use to denim fabric being tough and durable, and some bedding sets can be! It’s all about finding the right texture for you; and surprisingly doesn’t get too hot underneath either.

Or staying with the bed… why not bring the denim theme to your room, with a few scatter cushions or accessories, like this funky doorstop, which also draws in the ‘festival look’ rule number 4… star patterns! But who said denim had to be blue! Why not use white denim? Or even grey?
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 And as I always say… Illuminate! And what funky way to incorporate Denim than; through lighting… either with a simple bedside lamp or a mega illuminating floor lamp!

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Studded leather

Possibly one of the strongest fabrics for upholstery… Leather can achieve a variety of affects!
But was slightly puzzling, when thinking how to incorporate studded leather into the bedroom; and then I thought of my Nana’s leather sitting chair. Who said the bedroom is for sleeping? Why not make a focal point in the room, with a cool leather studded chair; a great place to chill out and read… or simply to pile the clothes at the end of a busy day!

Dip Dye 

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We’ve all worn it! Beyoncé’s done it to her hair before! And it keeps coming back! Dip dye is probably one of the easiest ways and cheapest ways, to add a spot of colour to your bedroom; and there are so many ways to do it.

Why not be bold and paint a wall, in a dip dye stylize? Simply choose your favourite colour, start at the bottom and work your way up; diluting each layer as you go to form more of a water wash, the closer you get to the top. One tip is not to let the lower layer dry completely first, as its easier to blend if its still wet.
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And I’d recommend working the colour upwards, as if you start at the ceiling and come down; this can give the illusion of the room being lower!!
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Or maybe dip dye a few cushions… and if your feeling really creative, once the dye has dried, using fabric paint, why not let your imagination loose? But make sure to use colourfast dye, and rinse you’re washing machine out after; else your favourite top may go in one colour and come out another!

Star Patterns

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I LOVE STARS… I don’t know why, whether because because they offer mystery as to what is out there! Or because they remind me of warm summer evening sitting outside! But I do like them.
And they’re so versatile… like this chest of draws, which also follows rule number 2. Sort of! And again easy to do! You can buy upholstery studs from any good home wares store, get a decent hammer… and away you go… it’s probably best to sketch your star first though!
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But who said a star has to be a star? Why not be creative with some wall art, and bring stars into the bedroom another way!

Fringed Patterns

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Last but not least… fringes…. When I spotted this as number 5, I did slightly panic; as horrid recollections of lampshades from the 70s came into my head!
But then I spotted this modern twist… Its contemporary feel, doesn’t make the fringing look out of place in time; and surprisingly contemporary style fringing is coming back in a big way!

So 5 simple ‘festival looks’ explored through interior design!

 But I went one step further… through the power of Photoshop; I made a little picture of how it may all work together!

Sophie Double, Black with Nickel finials and Two Straight Bar Bedside Tables
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So… fancy the festival look?