Brass Off….you elegant antique!

Brass off….. You elegant antique!

House Beautiful Magazine suggests that Brass, Antique Furniture and Elegant Designs, are three of 2013’s biggest interior design trends, and their simple to achieve.

Rosie Double. Photographed in Aintique Brass
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From one extreme we have our Rosie Bed, made from spun and plated brass; helps reflect light and achieve that traditional Victorian style.

Accessorised with elegant soft furnishings achieves two of this year’s trends.  But for a more subtle approach, why not accessories your bed with Brass; rather than it be Brass? Still based on traditional designs, furnished with hints of brass still, helps create that elegant feature piece.

Victoria Double. Photographed in Black with  Brass Finials
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But antique furniture doesn’t have to old and falling in disrepair, and you never know what you’ll find, when wondering around a car boot or flea market on a wet Sunday afternoon. One piece of advice is… think outside the box or boot. 

Photo Courtesy of
Photo Courtesy of

Combining old antique plates, brass picture frames, and the concept of wall art; can really help create a trendy focal point to a bedroom.

Or for a bold statement, how about an antique sofa? Accessorized with elegant soft furnishing, you can incorporate this ornate piece into any bedroom; and it makes a great place to cuddle under a duvet and read a book. 

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But always remember to illuminate and emphasize with lighting, and this too can adore too the three trends of House Beautiful; with a traditional or modern twist. 

There are so many combinations than can incorporate, these three simple classic trends.

Why not visit our website and see how we’ve incorporated Antique designs, elegance and brass into our beds.