A Bedroom for a Pirate or Princess???

A Bedroom for a Pirate and Princess….

Jungle Animal Wallpaper
I always remember my very first bedroom… I was still my cot and the walls were bright yellow, with a border of African animals. Apparently I’d slap stand their slapping the pictures, and try to make the noise… or simply just giggle.
There are so many inspirational ideas out there, for designing and decorating children’s bedrooms. With the introduction of wall art, a Childs bedroom can be transformed from white walls to a canvas of creativity. There easy to apply, and when they change their favourite thing of the month; you don’t have to redecorate…
It’s pretty well known… sometimes a spoken secret!! That children change their minds on quite a frequent basis, so why not décor your Childs bedroom in neutral colours, and add colour through accessories and bedding.

A Bedroom fit for a Princess?

Its pretty well known, that the main colour associated with girls is pink!! But sometimes, the right amount of pink is key…. So why not choose a neutral wall, and add colour through the furnishings.
Daisy Bedstead Single. Photographed: Ivory with Pink & Yellow Daisy
Available from www.wroughtironandbrassbed.co.uk
Our Daisy and Ruby bedsteads, offers simplicity in design, but sweetness with their hand painted daisy motifs. As all our beds are handmade to order, the daisy can be a colour of your choice, from white petals to a yellow centre… to yellow leaves and a white centre. Let your creativity inspire you!!
Pink & Purple Treet Wall Art
Available from www.prfix.com
And why not explore design ideas, with the use of colourful wall art. Or even personalise your Princesses bedroom, with personalised wall art, featuring their name in stars or butterflies.


A Bedroom for a Pirate?

When photographing our Oliver bedstead, we tried to keep it simple; by keeping the walls very neutral and adding colour through accessories, and even the bed itself.
Oliver Bedstead Single. Photographed: Navy Blue
Available from www.wroughtironandbrassbed.co.uk
This Oliver Wrought Iron Bed, comes in either Ivory, Cream or Black; but bespoke colours are available.  All our beds hand made to order, and come guaranteed for a lifetime. So their pretty indestructible…. And would go as far as to say.. . kid proof!
It’s A Pirates Life For Me Wall Art
Available from www.etsy.com
But if white walls are too neutral, why not take the opportunity of white walls, and use them as a canvas; to exhibit yours or your little ones creative side? Or add some groovy 3D wall art, to really add some bold colour.
Chalkboard Paint
Available from large DIY stores
Image courtesy www.bellemaison23.comm
Or fancy letting your youngsters creative side really go wild, why not create a drawing wall?? Simply created with using chalkboard paint, they can simply scribble and draw, and then wash it off and let their creativity start all over again.
So why not be creative, take a look at our children’s bed range at www.wroughtironandbrassbed.co.uk
……and accessorize with imagination and creativity.