We’ve had a 60 Minute Makeover ….. Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Style!!!

So it may have taken more than 60 minutes, however we’ve had a move around in our showroom. so that you can take your time to appreciate our different styles, in a variety of settings….

Our Front Room …. The Colour Collection 
One of the first thing’s you shall, when visiting our lovely converted dairy barn. Are our new fabulous colours, from the Colour Collection.
Aimed to add diversity to our wrought iron bed range; the colour collection offers the opportunity, for you to stamp your own style onto one of our robust, hand made iron beds.
Our new front room also showcases our newest bed design… “William” which has been inspired by old scaffolding. 

The Barn

Excuse the uneven floor, and the old crumbling limestone walls…. but this was the main area for milking, when our showroom use to be part of an old dairy farm.
But crumbling walls aside, this area offers a great opportunity for you to get unclose and personal with some of our range of wrought iron beds. 
Plus you can now hop from one bed to the other, and try out the four different types of mattresses we offer.
The Loft
Firstly an old loft, then an office and now ….. a private area, for our most elegant and ornate iron, brass and nickel beds
A perfect setting, with old oak beams, balcony and a two story floor to ceiling window; offers light and open space, to backdrop our beautiful beds. 
And a major new addition to our showroom is Rosie, she’s been absent for a while, but we’ve bought her back; and offer a wow first impression, when entering the loft. 
Our ‘Bee’ing Friendly Garden
But who can forget the success our fabulous ‘bee’ing friendly garden, at the beginning of summer. With two purposes, one to help increase the variety of Bee’s that visit our lovely brick walled garden; but also to create a stunning backdrop for our cast iron wrought iron benches. 
Although a little lacking in colour and flowers at the time of year, we’re so excited to for spring to return and can’t wait to see the Bee’s and Butterflies return next year.

So come take a look at our new showroom layout, come see our new colour collection and two new bed styles; and remember there is always cake on a Monday….