4 inch hard bed base

The base makes all the difference!

Because you know! …. It’s all about the base!

Basses are very important, when it comes to gaining that extra comfort in bed. Your bed style may make your room, but the right base will make or break your sleep! Choosing the right base for your bed is key!

Most iron beds these days come with a slatted base and these in themselves, differ from each other greatly! Sprung slats are the worst kind you can have… as the push themselves up into your mattress, putting extra pressure on the springs and causing them to wear out quicker! Flat slats, offer an adequate surface for your slats to work from! As they are flat, your springs have a flat starting point, meaning no extra pressure is loaded onto them… meaning they are doing half the job, than if on sprung slats.

But a bed base can make all the difference! Aesthetically, not all iron beds can take a bed base, due to the tailboard height on the selected style… but if the company hand makes them to order, they may be able to offer an alteration, to get around this problem!

A hard base will help isolate any bounce! Meaning if you sleep next to some who giggles all night. You are less likely to feel them on a solid base, than on slats or a sprung base!

A sprung base, is simply like sleeping on two mattresses! It makes your bed extra spongy and bouncy and creates an aesthetic of princess and the pea!

When choosing a base, try to take a broad perspective! and consider all three options… a retailer that only sells one type, will of course tell you that that base is the best!