What to look out for when buying a metal bed.

There are metal bed frames and then there are iron bed frames!

What’s the difference? You would be surprised!

grace ivory iron bed with slatted base

These days it’s hard not to walk down the high street and see a metal bed, heavenly decorated and tempting you to climb in… but when you do climb in, it squeaks, rocks and the slats look plastic…. That is a metal bed! An iron bed won’t creak, squeak and is finished off properly with slats that look robust, solid and non-plastic! Choose an iron bed that has flat chunky slats! These will give your mattress a firm and flat surface to work from, helping limit additional pressure on your mattress springs.

Iron beds have been a traditional choice in Britain’s bedrooms for many years! They offer a bedstead that is strong, irreplaceable and has the strength to become an antique one day! But many metal beds, may not make it past the 5-year mark, as they are both constructed differently!

Metal beds tend to be mild steel (which at times can be very flimsy and light weight), rolled into either cylindrical or square tubes and the frame, slotted together to form the headboard or tailboard! An iron bed is constructed in a more substantial way, either by being cast or by using a welding technique. Giving your bed a more solid and unbreakable joints, meaning an iron bed should come guaranteed to last a lifetime!

But it’s not all about strength, we do have to take style into consideration! Due to the materials used in iron beds, they can withstand a much tougher manufacturing and finishing process, meaning you get a much bolder, deep colour finish! And you can also go for bespoke colours too! For example, a zesty mint green perhaps? And they will give you a colour that will last a lifetime and never fade!

mint green double iron bed
george iron and brass bed

So what to look for when buying a metal bed? Don’t … make sure you look for an iron bed! A bed that is built to last, not squeak or creak and give you a bed that will last a lifetime and never fade with age! … Unless you have brass finishing’s (aka finials)! As if you choose an iron bed with authentic brass finials, these will beautifully tarnish over age and give you that timeless antique charm.

Picture Guide (Top to Bottom)

Top: Grace in Ivory, with Ivory Round Finials – Double £599

Middle: A zesty colour will brighten the mood of any bedroom, come rain, shine or misty autumn mornings! An iron bed should be powder coated, to give a deep and hard wearing finish. (Edward in Mint Green – Double £674)

Bottom: George is finished with beautiful authentic brass finials and trimmings, giving you that desirable traditional vintage bedstead. (George in Ivory with Brass Finials – Double £2,495)

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