Summer Sleep: How To Stay Cool

When summer arrives and temperatures rise, sleeping comfortably can prove tricky.
Here are 10 tips to ensure you
stay cool in the bedroom when trying to sleep.

stay cool through the day

What you do before you go to sleep can influence how hot you feel during slumber time. Gradually reduce your body temperature by taking a cool or lukewarm shower before bed, and steer clear of hot baths. Sipping a cool drink, rather than a hot one, is also advisable prior to bed, and don’t eat or exercise late at night. If you still feel hot, place a cooling flannel on your face or apply an ice pack or cold compress against pulse points such as the wrists or neck.

choose cooling cotton

Cotton is your best friend when it comes to keeping you cool and letting your skin breathe during hot weather, so opt for cotton sheets and cotton nightwear. Ditch woollen blankets and choose a low tog summer duvet.


Sharing a bed causes your body temperature to rise, so sleep solo on those nights when the mercury soars.

sleep at ground level

Sneak off to the coolest room in the house (typically north facing) for a better night’s sleep when it’s hot. If that isn’t feasible, sleep as close to the ground as possible. Heat rises, so, inevitably, you’ll feel hottest the higher up you are in your home. Lug your mattress downstairs or on to the floor to cool off.

damp towel

Some people keep their bedroom cool at night by placing a damp towel or sheet against an open window. The breeze that blows in the room helps to lower the temperature, making sleep more possible.

allow air to circulate

Stagnant air keeps your bedroom stifling, so allow cooling air to freely circulate in the room to lower the temperature. Open the window and keep the bedroom door ajar, and try to create a cross breeze for maximum cooling impact. If you live on the ground floor and leaving the window open poses a security risk, invest in a ceiling fan or an electric fan with rotating function.

keep your bed cool

Cooling mattress pads are useful for keeping you comfortable during hot nights. Some people also swear by sticking their pillowcase or sheets in the freezer (in a bag) prior to sleep, to remain cool during the night.

sleep outside

Unleash your adventurous side when the summer heat is in full swing, and camp out in the garden. Not only is this fun, but you’ll find it much cooler than indoors.

switch off

Electric appliances and lights emit small amounts of heat, so make sure you turn all of these off prior to bed. You’ll save yourself from sweating, and will save energy in the process, too!

keep the heat out

Close blinds, curtains and shutters during the day, to keep heat from entering your bedroom. By nightfall, your room should feel comfortable.

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