Sleep Patterns Of Successful People

The importance of a good night's sleep is beyond debate.
However, equally as crucial to our daily alertness and well being is a sleep pattern that remains consistent from day to day. Many successful people throughout history have gone on record to speak about their defined sleep pattern, and how it helped them achieve their goals. This remains the case with high achievers in the modern era. Here is a run-through of five hugely successful people, their sleep patterns and what those patterns enabled them to achieve.

Churchill's status as an iconic prime minister who successfully guided England through the second world war is well-documented. However, he never failed to acknowledge the importance of sleep. Churchill slept for five hours at night, from 3am to 8am, which made him ready to attack the day from his famed war rooms in London. However, it was a two-hour evening nap, from five until seven, that gave him the energy to work late into the night.

The chat show queen has amassed a personal fortune of more than $2 billion, and she makes no secret of the fact that staying in bed is not part of her success story. Oprah gets by on five hours of sleep every night, before rising around 7.30am. Alarms don't sit well with her, so she wakes up to the sound of her own body clock. Oprah is an advocate of mindfulness, and being mindful in the morning sets her up for a productive day. She takes time to truly appreciate the sun setting before tackling her work with vigour.

'Arnie' has enjoyed three remarkable careers. Firstly, he conquered the bodybuilding world, then he became the most famous action movie star on the planet before becoming the governor of California. Achieving greatness in every field wouldn't have been possible without a strict routine. For Arnie, that involved sleeping from 12am until 6am, having an early morning gym session and then devoting himself to his work.

The pop icon admits that she has struggled with sleep for years. Madonna rarely gets six hours' sleep a night, but she doesn't walk around feeling groggy either. If she is recording an album or touring, she will often stay awake until one or two in the morning, before rising at 7am to spend time with her family.

When you're President of the US, there isn't much scope to stay in bed. During his eight-year presidential reign, Obama attempted to earmark the best time to go to sleep so that he could get the six hours of sleep he needed to face the world.He decided that 1am to 7am was the best time get some shut-eye. Upon rising, it was all go, go, go until he got back into bed the following night.On many occasions, when matters were urgent, he wasn't able to get his six hours. Now that his tenure has ended, Obama is better rested than he has been in years.

Harry's day consists of 9 hours at work, but also two hours in the gym Monday to Friday which helps him sort through ideas and filter through the stresses of the day. Monday to Friday Harry goes to bed around the same time at midnight and gets up around the same time at 7 am. This way helps him succeed in work and push himself in the gym. Although he does admit to going a little rogue and having the odd afternoon disco nap as a treat.

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