New Year, New Bed

& The Importance Of Sleep

Another year is behind us and many look forward to what the new year may bring. For many people, this is a chance to make any changes to their lifestyle that seem necessary. This is actually a very positive thing to do as it can help you achieve a better quality of life or nip any health issues in the bud. One area that you may want to think about this new year is how important sleep is and why a new bed may be a wise idea.

Sleep is Vital for Health

When we think about healthy living, the usual factors like diet and exercise spring to mind. Did you know that sleep is just as important, though? It is generally recommended that adults should get around eight hours’ restful sleep each night. This will give your body the time to heal overnight from the day’s exertions and renew any cells as required. Getting a good night’s sleep will also make you feel more alert and refreshed when you wake up the next morning.

In addition, sleep deficiency is very bad for your health. Not getting enough good quality sleep over a long period could put you at risk of obesity or heart disease.

It will also make you very low on energy and can inhibit the normal function of your immune system.

How can you get the sleep you need?

The first thing to know is that the quality of the sleep you get is as important as the amount you have.

To help get quality sleep and the full benefit of your eight hours each night, try to unwind before bed. Relaxing like this will help to slow your mind down, ready to drift off. Ensure that all electronic devices like smartphones or tablets are not in the room as these can be a barrier to sleep.
It is also crucial to set your bedroom up correctly – make sure the temperature is comfortable and the general atmosphere is relaxing.

Don’t forget about a new bed

Although the above points can all help, it is your bed and mattress that play the biggest role in sleeping well. If you have a worn out mattress or a rickety bed then it’s time to invest in new ones for the new year. The simple fact is that a worn out bed or mattress will not give your body the support it needs when you’re sleeping. This will lead to you not getting good quality sleep and waking up the next day feeling stiff or sore.

In terms of beds, many people now opt for iron beds or iron and brass beds. It’s easy to see why – not only do they help create a luxurious feel that will relax you at bedtime but they give plenty of support and room to rest in.

When it comes to mattresses, Hypnos mattresses are a great choice. These are hand-made for long-lasting support and give superb stability when slept on.

Invest In A New Bed

If you get your eight hours every night but still wake up feeling exhausted, why not treat yourself to a new bed in the new year? This will help you to sleep much better and wake up feeling fully refreshed every morning instead.