Keeping It Cosy…

Well, we’re now wading through piles of autumn leaves and looking forward to bonfire night, so it’s winter and most definitely it’s cold …

October has disappeared in a haze of autumn sunshine and decent weather, but now we’re into November it’s time for proper winter bedding, there’s no avoiding it any longer! The key to warmth and comfort is wool; our range of bedding is from The Wool Room, and has the seal of approval from Allergy UK. The advantages of wool-filled bedding include resistance to dust mites and fungal spores, it helps regulate body temperature and it also helps draw away moisture from ‘hot sleepers’, meaning the bedding retains a fresh and dry feeling.

Our wide range of duvet types suit all body temperatures! – If you and your partner have different internal thermostats, then the warmth or coolness of the duvet often causes disagreements. One solution is to choose our three-in-one All Seasons wool-filled duvet. Use it as a two-layer duvet in the depths of winter, a single-layer of lightweight loveliness in summer and a single layer of or medium-weight luxury in spring and autumn. And then of course, add a bit of flexibility with an extra throw quilt or blanket for the hot partner!

emily ivory iron bed

Our Emily bed looks ultra-cosy and warm, especially when dressed with winter-red bedlinen and a comfy eiderdown.

wool duvet all seasons

If you’re both on the same page, temperature wise, look at the other options available, which include Super Warm, Warm, Medium, Light and Super Light options. Look at the whole range here.  Of course, it’s not just the duvet that matters, we’re very enthusiastic about ‘layering’ up your bed. A mattress topper adds an extra layer of comfort and cosiness. Brushed cotton, cotton jersey, flannel or winceyette sheets make a huge difference to the wumfy (warm and comfy) factor, and an extra fleecy throw is always a great idea – if only to put around your shoulders for the morning cuppa in bed.

The Tog Factor … if you want to buy new bedding, check the tog rating. In a nutshell, a 4.5 tog duvet is extremely lightweight for summer use; a 7 .5 tog is a little warmer, still suited for spring and summer use; a 10.5 tog is a good year-round option, topped with an extra blanket or eiderdown for very chilly weather; a 13.5/14 tog is a real cold-weather duvet, for those who always feel the cold and want to be as snug as a bug.


This months’ pick of warm and wonderful bedroom ideas …

Number 1: Furry, fluffy, pompom slippers are a must if want to toasty toes. We’ve rather fallen for these Blush Velvet, faux fur Bunny Slippers with bobtails on the heel. They’re from Pia, see the whole snuggly selection here.

Number 2: Make your bedroom even more snuggly with this little chap … the Brown Owl knitted microwave hottie (although I can see him hanging out on the sofa with me too!) The removable microwaveable inner section is scented with lavender for a relaxing snooze. It’s from Aroma Home, find stockists here.

Number 3: Linen bedlinen, rather conveniently is both warm and cool at the same tie. This Navy bundle by Tolly McRae would look fabulous with a white fleecy or furry throw for a bold and beautiful bedroom. See the whole British range, including wool blankets, here.

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