We’ve all been guilty of hitting the snooze button on our alarms but a recent study shows those who have a habit of doing it on a morning are more intelligent and creative than those who wake up on the original alarm.
Good news for those who snooze through their alarms! The only question is, why does it mean snoozers are more intelligent and creative?

A study carried out recently has linked the art of snoozing an alarm to not only creativity and intelligence but also independence and ambition. Satoshi Kanazawa and Kaja Perina, the authors of the study discovered that our bodies are built to go to sleep early and wake up early. This is down to evolution over time and the sleep patterns of those before us but that doesn’t include the almighty snooze button. That’s why those people who adapt with the snooze button and deal with it are seen to be smarter and ambitious.
Although by snoozing you might only get an extra 10 minutes, it can mean you’re more likely to follow your own ambitions. This is because by allowing your body to get an extra 10 or 15 minutes sleep and ignoring the alarm you’re the type of person who will adapt and follow your own thoughts and ideas.

It was only highlighted that people who go to sleep later and wake up later have the ability to solve problems with alternative solutions that are often more creative. By allowing themselves more time to think at night they often are more independent than those who don’t.
The study carried out by Kanazawa and Perina is not alone in it’s results, other studies have resulted in similar ways with a clear indication that snoozers and late sleepers are more intelligent and even earn more!
The University of Southampton analysed the sleep pattern of over 1,200 men and women, taking into account the effect on life in general. The results showed that those who go to bed after 11pm and get up after 8am are more likely to earn more and they’re also inclined to lead a comfortable lifestyle.

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Although snoozing your alarm is fun and has been proven to lead to higher intelligence, don’t let it affect other areas of your life such as work or commitments. While making you smarter, more ambitious and creative, sleeping in does not give you the permission to turn up late for work or any other plans you have in place, be smart with snoozing your alarm clock by setting an earlier alarm than usual and grab an extra 10 minutes if you can, but don’t push it.

If you’re struggling to wake up on time, make sure you go to bed at a fixed time and as we’ve said before in our other blogs, avoid staying on your phone, tablet or laptop too late in the night. Steer clear of food and drink that you know will keep you up later than usual and of course, choose a bed and mattress that is going to ensure the best night’s sleep possible, like one of our beautiful wrought iron beds!

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