Buying an iron bed?…

It’s like baking a cake…

Like baking a cake, buying an iron bed can be a messy affair! The size… the look… the filling… All things that need careful consideration, before baking and placing on the plate!

If we were a bakery, we would be a Michelin Star bakery…. With over a decade of experience, we know how to bake a cake… and by cake I mean iron beds!

sophie iron bed

Size Matters….

Yes, it’s true, when it comes to the bedroom… size matters! Choosing the right size of bed can be tricky, but the I always give is … go big … You will never hear somebody say “gosh wish we had a smaller bed” or “I’m so pleased I can’t role over at night and get comfy” …. Or even … “I had such a great night sleep, with you kicking me and snoring down my ear” … yes you will never hear these things uttered in the bedroom! But get the wrong size and you’ll most likely here “I wish we had a bigger bed”.

But how do you work out if the bed will fit? My advice is newspaper! No… not an agony aunt’s column, although they can be amusing! Using news paper make a template of your dream bed sign and then place this on the floor… Or if you already have a bed there and want to go bigger, just make a template for the additional space occupied! Then you can see the additional space taken and even walk around it!

The Look

The look of any cake is important and as they say “you eat with your eyes” and as you sleep with your eyes closed… it all kind of fits!! … go with me on this one! … When being in your bedroom, especially at night, you want to be drawn to bed! Not repelled by it’s hideousness!!…. The bed I mean, not the occupants!

A simple tip for choosing a new iron bed and it’s not too technical… choose two designs that you like! Then print their picture of and place it on the wall, above your current headboard and leave for a few days! Over time your eye will be drawn, to one rather than the other! This is simply the bed to go for….

bronte nickel double bed

The Filling

We’ve all been to a shop that has “iron beds” in it! (and I use “ “ ad sometimes it has more similarities, with a can of soda)… they move and they squeak and they are pure light weights and there is nothing more annoying than a light weight! So choose an iron bed that goes against all of these factor, if it doesn’t squeak! It doesn’t move! And it can’t be shoulder pressed with one hand…. Then the filling is of quality and substance!

But like baking a cake, the filling needs time and investment! this time and investment should be spent asking key questions… What material is it made from? Does the frame come with a guarantee? Which bed do you have? (if they don’t have a bed from where they work! Why not?) Where is it made? (this is by far the biggest question… if the bed isn’t made in the country… it’s been shipped in and if it’s been shipped in, how can they control the quality?

So like baking a cake, choosing the right iron bed is simple when following 3 easy steps!