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When people think of antique beds, many often think about worn down beds that are decades old. At Wrought Iron Brass & Bed Company we are here to turn those ideologies around and set the record straight. The antique style is one of many that will stay in fashion for eternity. This unique style provides a mixture of old style decor and the 21st century elegance and durability.
For many bedrooms the shabby chic, industrial and french-style furniture style may be strong, so why not introduce an antique style bed and complete the picture.
We have put together a selection of our fantastic antique style iron and brass beds just for you.

the frederick

iron & Brass bed

The Frederick iron and brass bed encompasses a traditional victorian style bed with the designs and features made from chunky brass finials. This iron and brass bed is perfect if you want to introduce a little more colour to your antique style bedroom as it is available in a variety of sizes and colours.

the albert

iron & Brass bed

The Albert iron and brass bed encompasses a solid design that is not only durable, strong and robust but also provides you with an elegant and sophisticated antique design. This a-traditional victorian style bed will suit any room with its different coloured frames.
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the beatrice

iron & Brass bed

The Beatrice iron and brass bed comes with great history, originally inspired by an antique bed to a fresh, refurbished and redesigned contemporary iron and brass bed. The Beatrice iron and brass bed is perfect if your bedroom needs a little TLC.

the george

iron & Brass bed

The antique style is one that will never be forgotten, the style includes distinguished looks and decor which can  be most commanding and have the ability to dominate a room. The George iron and brass bed comes in ivory and brass with hand formed brass cufflinks – what more could you ask for when styling your antique bedroom.
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the elizabeth

iron & Brass bed

The Elizabeth iron and brass bed is fit for a queen, the ornate, traditional and elaborate stylings of the victorian era are perfect for any antique style bedroom. This particular iron and brass bed features handcrafted brass finials making one elegant bed.

The Albert Iron & Brass Bed & The George Iron & Brass Bed can also be found on the John Lewis website.