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Our unique Iron and Upholstered Beds, are a first of their kind!

Available in a wide range of fabrics and frame colours. Anne collaborates the skills of our, master crafts people in ironwork and those of our skilled local upholsterer.

Our selection of iron & upholstered beds, boast a sturdy iron bed frame, with the comfort and sumptuousness of an upholstered bed…. The first of their kind to the UK market!

Wool by Abraham and Moon

anne iron and upholstered bed in abraham and moon wool

Rose Couture by Designers Guild

anne iron and upholstered bed in designers guild fuchia rose couture

Red Coats by Linwood

anne upholstered bed in linwood fabric

About Our Upholstered Beds

Our beautifully hand crafted Iron and Upholstered Beds, are not only the first to us! But also the first, to the UK market! Combing the craftsman ship of our iron work and the beautifully, hand buttoned and sculptured upholstered headboard and tailboard, by our local upholstery craftsmen. Our Upholstered Beds offer a new level of style, quality and splendor.

About the Frame…

Our Iron and Upholstered beds boast an Iron frame, that can come in a choice of finishes, helping compliment your chosen fabric. With all the fittings concealed “excluding the leg brackets”, there are no blemishes to stop the casting eye in its tracks, making these designs unspoilt by hardware and charming in every way.

About the Fabric…

Choosing a fabric to match the level of quality and finish we offer was not difficult… as we have worked with Abraham & Moon fabric before and guided by our fabulous upholsterer, we knew this was the right fabric for this project.

Known for being strong and resilient, Wool is a great natural fiber to work with, helping give your bed a crisp clean finish… But Wool also has excellent dye holding qualtiies, helping to achieve a bright and bold colour for longer.

However if you are after that extra level of personal touch! We are able to offer the upholstery in your own fabric… to discuss this option please call our showroom on 01485 542516, where we would be happy to guide you through the process.