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In the 1960’s the world was captivated, by the story of an orphan lioness cub called Elsa. One of three cubs taken in by Joy and George Adamson and raised as part of the family. Sadly, the other two cubs were sent to zoo’s, but Elsa stayed behind and was raised by Joy, in the hope that one day Elsa could return to the wild and live the life she was entitled too.

But how does that link with our iron beds? Well in 2002 we as a family, added a little Yellow Labrador to our household, who was mischievous, full of personality and had paws the size of a Lion and so the name Elsa seemed quite fitting!!!

Made from Iron and finished with a coating that is similar to enamel. Elsa offers a design that could be dressed up! Or dressed down! With a hoop fitting, to hold light drapes (not included)… Elsa would be the focal point of any, midsummer nights dream! To see Elsa in a “slightly” different setting, please click … Here …

The overall height: 88″

But more importantly…

But Elsa boasts a little more…. As for every Elsa we sell, a donation will be made to the Born Free Foundation, a donation that will help fund worldwide projects by the Born Free Foundation

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Handmade iron beds in Norfolk