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Rosie brass bed
Rosie brass bed
Rosie Brass Bed


Our beautiful late Black Labrador Rosie was our son Harry’s 12th birthday present and taught our family more than we could ever teach her! Described once as being bold as brass, Rosie seemed a fitting name for this elegant Victorian styled bedstead.

Made from an Iron core and then plated in a Brass finish, Rosie has all the refinement and opulence of a brass bedstead without the upkeep!!

Pictured here in Brass, Rosie shall always be “bold as brass” and never falter.

The height of the headboard and tailboard are:
Headboard: 50″
Tailboard: 40″

The Finishing Touches

Free Assembly

It’s quiet easy to assemble our beds but to have the peace of mind, that your hand made iron bed has been assembled correctly and securely… our technician can do it for you… and they shall even take away all the packaging away.

For information & options or to place an order please select a bed size

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