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Based upon a late Edwardian design with an elegant “curvy” twist, the key to Emily’s charm is her simple and timeless design.

With a graceful top curve, Emily will create the optical illusion of making the smallest room look bigger…. By her unique ability to draw the eye line out and across the room, drawing focus on her beautiful surroundings. Although… with geometric design and a strong iron core, this does not mean Emily lacks the ability and strength to become the focal point, in any master bedroom or guest hideaway!

Why Emily? Well…. Back when we rst started, Emily was our second design that some how, got lost throughout the years! Sister to Sophie in real-life and in naming of designs, it was only right to re-unite the two. But this time Emily has had a slight makeover.

The height of the headboard and tailboard are:

Headboard: 48″
Tailboard: 38″

Assembly Included

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