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hypnos alpaca bedding fleece

Hypnos Bedding

Featuring pillows, duvets, toppers and mattress protectors. Hypnos’ bedding collection contains only 100% natural fibres. Meaning their bedding will help ensure a much more restful night sleep.

Teamed with one of their mattresses. Hypnos’ Alpaca and Wool bedding, ensures a deep, relaxing and rejuvenations night’s sleep.

hypnos alpaca duvet

Hypnos Alpaca Duvet

Filled with 100% Alpaca wool, this duvet is suitable all year round and has that extra touch of comfort.

Hypnos Alpaca Pillows

Available in two sizes and filled with 100% Alpaca. These pillows will help crate a supportive and comforting sleep environment.

Hypnos Wool Mattress Topper

Add a little extra comfort to your Hypnos mattress and enjoy a less disturbed sleep.

Hypnos Wool Mattress Protector

Add that little extra touch of comfort and protecting to your Hypnos mattress.