Bed Linen by Piglet in Bed

Luxuriously soft. Our range of natural stone washed Piglet bed linen, is made from 100% French flax and perfectly weighted to induce a deep restful sleep. Linen’s natural long fibres, help to regulate body temperature as you sleep and wick away moisture all night long. Creating a cosy, fresh and breathable sleep sanctuary.

Pre-washed for extra softness and to ensure they keep their shape, our range of bed linen by Piglet can be enjoyed ironed or fresh from the line.

Piglet in Bed’s Story

It all started in her mothers garden shed, on the search for high quality bedding and soft furnishings. A family team (just like us) Piglets journey took them out of their mum’s garden shed into a lovely barn, which takes part in many rewilding projects.

Sourced from France and shipped from West Sussex, all their linen is pre-stonewashed for extra softness and shall get softer with age. Linens naturally long fibres help wick away moisture as you sleep, regulating your body temperature naturally and creating a breathable sleep sanctuary all night long.

Like ourselves, the team at Piglet have a keen eye on sustainability. Grow as a rotation crop, every part of the flax plant can be used and is farmed in naturally small batches.