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The bedroom should always be a place of relaxation, a place to feel at home and a place to be happy. At Wrought Iron & Brass Bed Co, we understand that your happy place should include a suitable bed which suits your taste, style and needs. Modern Iron & Brass Beds can bring a sense of character and life to any room. Many people may identify iron, brass and nickel beds as quite old fashioned but a modern take can really create a statement look in any bedroom.
From mid-century modern to minimalistic, we have put together some of our favourite modern style iron, brass and nickel beds just for you. A lot of iron, brass & nickel beds are often inspired by the Victorian and Edwardian eras but here at Wrought Iron & Brass Bed Co. we have put together a selection of our fantastic modern Iron, Brass & Nickel beds.

The Edward Iron Bed

The Edward Iron Bed is a perfect modern Iron bed to curl up in, with its virtually indestructible nature this bed will not only look incredible for years but will be a bed to rely on for many years to come.

The Arthur Brass & Nickel Bed

The Arthur Brass & Nickel bed is one of our spectacular Victorian iron bed designs with a more modern and contemporary twist. This bed is glamorous and looks amazing in any styled bedroom.

The Emily Brass & Nickel Bed

The Emily Brass & Nickel bed offers a elegant curvy twist making one graceful bed style. The Emily brass and nickel bed is the epitome of modern style beds and can make the smallest room look bigger using its optical material.

The Bronte Brass & Nickel Bed

The Bronte Brass & Nickel bed is the epitome of a simple classic design that will certainly never go out of date. This reflective design is a perfect modern take on the classic edwardian style bed, this particular bed looks perfect in any room.

The Eleanor Industrial Chic Bed

The Eleanor Industrial Chic bed is inspired by scaffolding and railing to make one beautiful eye catching bed. The Eleanor bed plays the role of a simple, classic, warm and suitable bed for any bedroom however it takes on a more modern/contemporary look so this will never be outdated.

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