Our Summers in Norfolk

Our Summers in Norfolk

The school holidays are well under way, and North Norfolk has come alive.

There is no better sight than taking Nora and Willow to the beach in the evening to see and hear the sound of children on the beach. The sound of their voices meets you as you walk over the Sand Dunes whether they be Paddling, kite flying, building sandcastle or Treasure hunting, you can’t help feeling this is what Norfolk was made for.

Seeing and hearing these sounds brings back many happy memories of when Jack and Harry were small.

Our day’s rain or shine would be based around the beach.

The most important job of the day would be to dam the Wash (according to the Boys) as this would be quite a huge task to say the least and only being armed with a Red Bucket and spade each, they lowered their sights, next job would be to either dam the chosen beach or stop the tide coming in.

I don’t like to brag but I am the owner of a full size cooker in my beach hut, that is able to serve up a mean Cowboy stew on the coldest November day.

The next task in hand would be to go beach combing- on many occasion coming back with a variety of shells and drift wood, all having a supposed future use in life when persuading me to carry the treasure. Harry once came across a plastic Garden Chair – the answer was no.

Our favourite past time of all has to be crab fishing at Wells, we would spend hours when the tide was on its way in sitting on the quay with our crab lines and a variety of tasty bate ranging from Bacon Rind to a Cods Head.

I think the boys record was 135 crabs caught in one session (I am sure the same crab was aught several times over).

To end these days, we would visit Mr French at the Chip Shop – what an end to a perfect day sitting on the sea wall watching the world go by with Fish and Chips and a bottle of pop.  Thank you Norfolk

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